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Designer Joana Vasconcelos offers a series of sofas with fluid, organic and generous shapes that can be composed and combined according to one's wishes.
The Don Juan Sofa brings sophistication to living areas through its timeless, classic design. The structure, seat, back and side cushions are upholstered in fabric for luxuriating comfort, while its six feet in black patina bronze elevate its elegance.
Indivi sofa
Seasons pass and trends come and go, but the modern elegance of the Indivi sofa is timeless. The high armrests accentuate the elegant silhouette and complete the clean look. Through borders and shifting trends, the Indivi sofa has maintained its status a contemporary sofa choice.
Rover 3-Seater Sofa
Fabric upholstered cushions
Volta Sofa
Solid Timber FrameBrass-finished CapsUpholstered in leather on one side, and fabric on the other side.Choice to upholster in other full fabric/ full genuine leather / half-and-half fabric and leather options
Zürich sofa
The Zürich sofa is your personal design statement with adjustable headrest and ultimate comfort. The sofa offers a light appearance making it perfect for both small and larger spaces as well as details that make it superb in both leather and fabric. It’s cosiness and luxury in one perfect expression.
Hours : 11am–8pm (Mon-Sun) 
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Alt.o by Commune has been pushing the design envelope with the recent debut of the Tierra collection, a sleek and modern furniture line inspired by the rustic charm of exotic locales such as America’s sunshine-filled West Coast or the richly textured deserts of the Southwest states. 
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French luxury furniture brand Liaigre has stepped up its retail presence in Asia with the launch of its first showroom in the prestigious area of Admiralty, Hong Kong.
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There is a lot of debate surrounding the use of colours in tiny homes. Some worry that cramming too many colours will make one feel claustrophobic in the limited space, but if it's done right, your home can be a beautiful and comfortable environment.
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In an era of rising prices and stagnant salaries, buying a house becomes a difficult task, but it does not mean that you do not have the right to own a "home". Even if you live in a rental apartment, you can redecorate it into a place that feels homely to you.
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Entering the fast-changing tech generation, we love symmetry and pursue perfection, but sometimes fail to appreciate the simple ruggedness of nature.