Our Craftsmen employ time-honored techniques to craft truly beautiful furniture you’ll fall madly in love with.

Theodore Alexander by Royal Collection
Theodore Alexander by Royal Collection

Founded in 1996 by Englishman, Paul Maitland Smith, Theodore Alexander is globally recognised for exquisitely designed furniture. The pieces are crafted from a diverse range of authentic materials, using time-honoured techniques and unrivalled attention to detail. The brand also partners with Princess Diana’s Brother, Charles Spenser, for a Living History Collection which encapsulates reproductions from the Spencer family’s ancestral home of nineteen generations of British nobility.

Theodore Alexander has approximately 200 international showrooms, and Royal Collection – which can provide on-site presentations and furniture selection advice – is the sole distributor in Hong Kong.

The brand collaborates with the some of the world's most celebrated designers, including Steve Leung (President of IFI 2017) and Jamie Drake (whose clients include Madonna and Michael Bloomberg), to handcraft furniture and accessories to fall in love with.

Hours: 11:30am-7:30pm (Mon-Sat, By Appointment Only)