A Quooker is pure convenience. It allows you to get instant 100°C boiling, cold, chilled still and sparkling water directly from tap – all filtered. No more waiting for the water to boil, no more plastic bottles.


Invented and made in The Netherlands, a Quooker consists of a boiling water-tap on your worktop linked to a small tank in the kitchen cabinet. The water in a Quooker is heated to 108°C to remove bacteria and is filtered through our special HiTAC® Active Carbon filter. Next to that you can add an NSF approved filter for clean room temperature drinking water or you can add the CUBE which dispenses filtered chilled (still) and sparkling water. You have the choice of all in one taps or Twintaps with a separate mixer tap.

Quooker - the tap that does it all. 

By Quooker
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