Ditre Italia is the epitome of Italian style, craftsmanship and excellence – qualities that permeate its collection of superlative offerings.

Ditre Italia
Ditre Italia

The brand does more than simply produce furniture – sofas, armchairs, sofa beds, beds and complementary pieces – it aims to create original homes to those seeking unique designs.

Ditre Italia’s Designwear concept looks to how furniture communicates with its interior. Collections are created akin to a tailor-made garment whereby expertise, details, high-quality materials and exclusivity come together to produce timeless refinement. Every piece of Ditre Italia furniture expresses the craftsman’s soul within, the manufacturing know-how deeply rooted in the brand’s history, and a decidedly Italian aesthetic that reflects Italian culture, traditions and elegance.

Hours: 10am-6:45pm

By Ditre Italia
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