The VVD Kitchen is named after Dada Creative Director Vincent Van Duysen.

Dada VVD Kitchen
Dada VVD Kitchen

For his debut kitchen, the designer highlights the contrast between slim side and end units and the thickness of worktops, which feature stone sink basins.

A juxtaposition of materials in natural stone (ceppo di Gré, slate and porphyry), wood (bleached oak, walnut and oak graphite) and brushed steel, together with baltic green, titan and pewter-lacquered finishes, and a combination of solid and open elements give the kitchen a dynamic and sophisticated aesthetic.

Generous pull-out trays, open-ended drawers, undertop trolleys, transparent glass cupboards with soft-closing micro-hinges, and the built-in LED strip light that discreetly profiles the door handle, provide practical convenience.

Hours: 10am–7pm (Mon-Sat), 11am-6pm (Sun & Public Holidays)